MyClearCloud App Rejected by Apple - Navigating App Store Challenges

On May 23, 2024, the initial version of our app, MyClearCloud, faced a setback when it was rejected by Apple’s App Review team. The reason cited was Guideline 4.3(a) - Design - Spam. Here’s a detailed account of the rejection and our plan to address the issue.

Rejection Letter from Apple

Review Date: May 23, 2024
Version Reviewed: 1.0

Guideline 4.3(a) - Design - Spam

We noticed your app shares a similar binary, metadata, and/or concept as apps submitted to the App Store by other developers, with only minor differences.

Submitting similar or repackaged apps is a form of spam that creates clutter and makes it difficult for users to discover new apps.

Next Steps

Since we do not accept spam apps on the App Store, we encourage you to review your app concept and submit a unique app with distinct content and functionality.


Some factors that contribute to a spam rejection may include:

  • Submitting an app with the same source code or assets as other apps already submitted to the App Store
  • Creating and submitting multiple similar apps using a repackaged app template
  • Purchasing an app template with problematic code from a third party
  • Submitting several similar apps across multiple accounts

Learn more about our requirements to prevent spam in App Review Guideline 4.3(a).


  • Reply to this message in your preferred language if you need assistance. If you need additional support, use the Contact Us module.
  • Consult with fellow developers and Apple engineers on the Apple Developer Forums.
  • Help improve the review process or identify a need for clarity in our policies by suggesting guideline changes.

Understanding the Issue

The core of the rejection lies in Apple’s assessment that MyClearCloud is not sufficiently unique and may be perceived as a spam app. This is a common hurdle many developers face, especially when creating utility apps in a competitive space.

About MyClearCloud

MyClearCloud is designed to help users manage their iCloud storage by identifying and cleaning large video files. The goal is to free up space, allowing users to avoid purchasing additional storage from Apple. We believe in providing a simple, efficient tool to enhance user experience and save costs.

Addressing the Rejection

To address the concerns raised by Apple, we are undertaking the following steps:

1. Reevaluating the App’s Uniqueness

We will conduct a thorough analysis of similar apps currently available on the App Store. This will help us identify key areas where MyClearCloud can stand out. Our focus will be on introducing unique features and a distinct user experience that sets our app apart.

2. Enhancing Design and Functionality

  • UI/UX Overhaul: We plan to redesign the user interface to ensure it is visually distinctive. This includes custom graphics, a unique color scheme, and an intuitive layout.
  • Innovative Features: We will introduce new functionalities that are not commonly found in similar apps. This might include advanced sorting options, intelligent recommendations for files to delete, and enhanced user feedback mechanisms.

3. Improving Metadata and Description

  • Clear Communication: Our app’s metadata will be updated to clearly articulate its unique value proposition.
  • Detailed Description: The app description will highlight new features, improvements, and the specific benefits users can gain from using MyClearCloud.

4. Technical and Content Updates

  • Source Code Review: We will ensure our source code is original and significantly different from any third-party templates.
  • Content Creation: All content within the app will be unique and tailored specifically for MyClearCloud, avoiding any stock assets.

Moving Forward

We are committed to refining MyClearCloud to meet Apple’s guidelines and provide a valuable tool for our users. Our next steps involve implementing these changes, thoroughly testing the updated app, and resubmitting it for review.


While the rejection of MyClearCloud was a setback, it provides an opportunity for us to improve and innovate. We are dedicated to creating a unique and valuable app that stands out in the marketplace. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and thank you for your support!

If you have any suggestions or need assistance, feel free to contact me.

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MyClearCloud Logo

Published on May 24, 2024 by the MyClearCloud Team

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