Welcome Back to AngJobs: Your Gateway to Tech Opportunities

I am thrilled to announce the relaunch of AngJobs, your premier source for tech job listings! After a period of reimagining and refining, AngJobs is back, better than ever, serving as a dynamic hub for job seekers and employers in the tech industry. My mission is to connect talented individuals with exciting job opportunities, primarily sourced from the Hacker News platform. Updated monthly, AngJobs brings you the latest and most sought-after positions in the tech world.

What’s New at AngJobs?

The relaunched platform offers a seamless and efficient way to discover job listings. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Curated Job Listings: I import job listings from Hacker News on a monthly basis, ensuring that users have access to fresh and relevant opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a position in the US, UK, Europe, or remote work, AngJobs has got you covered.

  • Open Source and Community-Driven: AngJobs is now hosted on GitHub, inviting the tech community to contribute. You can update or edit job listings through Pull Requests, making it a truly collaborative platform.

  • Feature Requests and Volunteer Contributions: I welcome any feature requests to enhance the platform’s functionality. If you have ideas or want to help AngJobs grow, your contributions are more than welcome. Submit your suggestions or code via Pull Requests on the GitHub repository.

Explore Diverse Opportunities

Currently, AngJobs lists hundreds of job opportunities, primarily focusing on the US market but also featuring roles in the UK, Europe, and remote positions. Here’s a snapshot of what you can find:

  • Software Development: From full-stack developers to specialized roles in AI and machine learning.
  • Product Management: Positions for those who excel in leading tech projects and teams.
  • Design: Opportunities for UI/UX designers to shape user experiences.
  • Marketing: Roles for tech-savvy marketers who understand the digital landscape.

Future Plans: The “Hackers” Section

I am excited about the upcoming feature – the “Hackers” section. This new addition will be dedicated to listing profiles of developers and hackers seeking work. It’s a platform where talent meets opportunity, allowing employers to find skilled individuals ready to tackle the next big project.

Join the AngJobs Community

AngJobs thrives on community involvement. Here’s how you can be part of this journey:

  1. Browse Jobs: Start your job search by exploring the latest listings on AngJobs.
  2. Contribute to the Platform: Visit the GitHub repository to make edits, add new job listings, or suggest features.
  3. Stay Updated: Follow AngJobs on social media and subscribe to the newsletter for the latest updates and job alerts.
  4. Volunteer: If you’re passionate about the mission and want to contribute, volunteers are welcome to help grow and improve AngJobs.

Final Thoughts

The tech industry is constantly evolving, and so is AngJobs. I am committed to providing a platform that adapts to the needs of job seekers and employers alike. Whether you’re looking for your next big opportunity or seeking to hire top talent, AngJobs is here to help.

Thank you for being part of the AngJobs community. Together, we can build a brighter future for the tech industry.

Visit AngJobs today and take the next step in your career!

Also on Github: AngJobs

Feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions, or feedback. I’m here to help and support you in your job search journey.

Happy job hunting!

The AngJobs Team (me)

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.