Unveiling Apple's iCloud Storage Tactics: The Missing Feature in Photos App

Are you tired of receiving that dreaded notification from Apple, informing you that your iCloud storage is full? You’re not alone. Many iOS users have been grappling with this issue, wondering why Apple hasn’t implemented a seemingly basic feature in its Photos app: the ability to sort photos and videos by file size or duration.

Let’s face it: managing your iCloud storage can be a hassle, especially when you’re forced to play a guessing game about which files are taking up the most space. Without the option to sort by file size or duration, users are left in the dark, unable to efficiently clean up their libraries and make room for new memories.

But why would Apple omit such a crucial feature? The answer might lie in their strategy to drive users towards paid iCloud storage plans. By withholding the ability to easily identify and delete large files, Apple may be banking on users exceeding their storage limits and feeling compelled to upgrade to a higher-tier plan.

It’s a cunning tactic that puts users at a disadvantage, forcing them to either fork out more money for additional storage or continuously struggle with managing their limited space. But fear not, because awareness is the first step towards change.

iCloud notification

Enter CloudClean, a revolutionary solution designed to empower iOS users and take back control of their iCloud storage. With CloudClean, sorting photos and videos by file size or duration is a breeze, allowing users to identify and delete large files with ease. No more guesswork, no more frustration – just straightforward storage management at your fingertips.

It’s time to level the playing field and hold Apple accountable for its storage tactics. Let’s demand transparency and fair treatment for all users. Say goodbye to those “Your iCloud storage is full” notifications and hello to a clutter-free, optimized iCloud experience with CloudClean.

Join the movement today and reclaim your storage freedom!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.